At the age of 5 Todd Burford started on his journey down the road of photography. He built his first darkroom at 9 years of age. Through the years Todd studied various methods of film photography in the areas of black & white, kodalith, sepia tone, slide film, color printing, and solarizations. His level of expertise includes over 40 years of experience, as well as, various formats of photography. As digital photography evolved Todd began exploring the possibilities. He has a great deal of experience working with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Light Room. He currently shoots with a 36MP Nikon D800. He strives for excellence in all his work. To this day he continues down the path of learning more about the art and his contribution to it. The art of composition through photography is Todd's ultimate form of expression.

Contact Information For Todd Burford:
Work Phone: 404-784-7451